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    I have designed an anthropomorphic fox warrior as one of my projects in my Digital Media courses. I have always had an interest in fantasy characters, and the fur and anatomy of this figure was an especially challenging undertaking. The face in particular has required an understanding of both vulpine and human skulls. The fur has also required special attention to achieve a natural look and texture.

    Besides the costume I have designed a weapon for this character; a large sword, inspired by the shape of a dolphin. The sword itself contains 21,704 polygons and has taken 100 hours to produce.

    The fox contains 70,630 polygons and has taken four months to produce. It has been through multiple renders and edits, which I estimate to have taken me 300 hours to render altogether.

    Vixen Warrior

    Images of an anthropomorphic vixen warrior complete with fur, clothing, armor and hair.

    Sword Design

    A weapon designed for use by the vixen warrior in the stadium. The curves of this sword are inspired by the flow of a dolphin’s form.


    You can view more on the Environmental Design page, or in the Case Study.

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