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    Here is an environment I have designed and constructed. This scene is entirely constructed in Maya, and the wireframe took three months to construct. The rendering of the final model has taken approximately 300 hours, and contains 4,536,240 polygons.

    My inspiration for this building is the Coliseum in Rome; I wanted to design an arena in which my anthropomorphic vixen warrior could perform with her weapons. The very scale and number of rooms, doorways, windows, archways and tiers in this model has given me a large challenge, which I enjoyed.

    Concept Art

    A detailed image of the Stadium, with several close-up shots of its features.

    Wireframe Model

    Screenshots from the wireframe model of the stadium, with views from both inside and outside.

    Full Color Shots

    These renders are full-color shots both from within and outside the stadium.


    You can view more on the Character Design page, or in the Case Study.

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